Picasso Vis Doing His Thang in Hip-Hop

Picasso Vis Doing His Thang in Hip-Hop


Hollywood, Florida’s own Picasso V brings much heat and fire with his latest single, “Do My Thang” – which has recently earned much radio airplay within the southern tier of the USA and promises to attract fans thanks to his lyrical flow and straight-no-chaser approach.

The inspiration behind “Do My Thang” came from Picasso V’s own life experiences – “Growing up, there were always people trying to tell me to do things a certain way or not. Even when I was younger and an athlete with scholarship offers, people were doing that to me. I’m like, ‘nah – I’m gonna do my thang and do it my own way’.”

While the video shows Picasso V driving through the streets in an expensive sports car, playing cards and hanging out, when it comes to making music, it’s a different story. “When I’m in the recording studio, there’s only one other person – my friend, D. He’s been supportive of my career. He knew of me when I was known as Vendetta and was leading a life of crime before being arrested and incarcerated. D said then, ‘if you’re serious about doing music when you get out, I’ll work with you.’” That’s when I made the decision to better my life and change my name to Picasso V – I want to paint stories lyrically like the legendary artist painted on canvas.”

With an upcoming EP on the way entitled “Sacrificial” Picasso V looks forward to performing live – “That’s where I’m being myself – a free spirit sharing my music, having fun, interacting with my fans. When you come to a Picasso V concert, you’ll get a great show.”

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